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Will Power!

Vix Colley


I have been using Will since lockdown 1.0. As I was unable to use the gym & do weights I started having issues with my knee (due to an old injury) as the muscles weakened.

I no longer have knee or leg pain as Will has worked with me doing strength & conditioning training. I love my sessions with Will we have a real giggle together, so sessions are fun. The sessions are always tailored to my individual needs and are adapted as necessary.

I would highly recommend Will.

Kayleigh Villa Dean


I would highly recommend Will as a PT. He works within your capabilities and he makes you feel very comfortable, especially when you're not a fan of exercise .

He's great at getting to know you and what you enjoy and what works for you. Really enjoyed my sessions with him.

Callum Smith


Highly recommend. Outstanding knowledge and very thorough sessions. Will is a brilliant trainer and knows when to push you to reach your potential.

Kerri-anne Stuart

Will is a friendly and kind hearted person who is full of knowledge and Is passionate about fitness. I had been training with Will for nearly 3 years (until COVID took over the world).

He always pushed me and encouraged me to do my best and put a 100% in even on the tough days. He must of got fed up with me saying I can’t do this today, I can’t be bothered today but he never gave up he was always encouraging and supportive even when I was moaning.

You want find any better trainer in this area who has the passion and enthusiasm to make you reach your goals what ever they maybe.

Angie Smith

Will is a 5 star Personal Trainer, fantastic at understanding your goals and helping you achieve them at a pace that suits you. Would very highly recommend!

After a three week spell in hospital last year I lost a lot of strength and weight. I asked Will for help and he put together a programme which has helped tremendously. His work outs have gradually increased in intensity but are always achievable and I am now back to my normal weight. I have no hesitation in recommending Will.

Nick O'Farrell

What a legend! Will has been there for me every step of the way during my health and fitness transformation.
Always goes above and beyond, working around injuries and rehab, building muscle, smashing PB’s, making working out fun, cutting weight, gaining confidence and understanding nutrition. I couldn’t have done any of it without him.
Even now with gyms closed and working around a knee injury Will has programmed me an online routine and rehab exercises!

Jim Wilkinson

I have been training with Will for three years in the gym in a group session and since COVID he’s giving me training programs for home. Will is very knowledgeable and is great at designing a program to suit you best and also to push you to your max, he is also very considerate and is always is keeping in touch with me to make sure the program he has given me is suiting me at home, Will also gives 100% to his work .

Helen Nelson

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